Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bento #49

Look at me!  Almost to Bento #50!  I'll have to think of something special for #50!

Tomorrow's bento is for my daughter, again.  She liked the one so much last week that she asked for another for this week.  (And has requested another one for Friday!)  So, the other bento I fixed for her must have been a hit!  Here's what she's having for lunch tomorrow:

She walked around the grocery store with me and picked out what she wanted in her meal, and left it up to me to put/design it in her bento.

In the blue container on the left:  Turkey, Ham, and Swiss pinwheels.  I cut them and put them on a pick to hold the 3 together.

In the green container:  Tropical Fruit Salad

Purple container:  Carrots and ranch dressing.

I was trying to get her to be more adventurous with her veggie and fruit choices, but she wasn't biting.  (Ha-Ha!)   I guess baby steps.  Hey!  The bento I fix for her tomorrow will be my 50th one!  So, SHE'LL get the special bento!  Hmmm...gotta think of something gooooooooodddddd.


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