Monday, August 20, 2012

Bentos #52 and #53

That's right!  It's two...Two...TWO for the price of one!  One for me and one for my daughter!  Here's mine:

It's a really simple bento for work tomorrow.

Bottom:  Turkey and cheese lettuce wrap
Top:  Celery sticks and Cheddar Cheese
On the side:  Fiber 1 bar and bleu cheese dip for dipping

After I packed this, and started putting it away, I found 1/2 a cucumber that was wanting to travel tomorrow!  (HA!) So, I sliced him up and put him in with the celery.

Now, for my daughter's bento:

This bento idea came from Momables.  I subscribed to it in the beginning of the year for about 6 months.  I felt like I was fixing the same bentos all the time, so I purchased a subscription for myself for Christmas last year.  Each week I'd print off my weekly menus and kept them in a binder.  Tonight, I had her pick out several things from the binder that she would eat.  Then, I fixed one of them to surprise her tomorrow.  Here's what she's having:

Bottom tier:  Watermelon, carrots
Top Tier:  Asian Chicken skewers, cheddar cheese
Outside bento:  Garden vegetable dip for carrots, bbq sauce for chicken, thermos of chocolate milk

And!  A bonus bento!  Remember my post from yesterday?  Showing you my best friend's very first bento?  Well, she sent me their bento for tomorrow!  Here it goes:

A Hamburger bento!  I have one of these!  See it here!

On to what's in her bento:

Left:  Cucumbers and carrots
Middle:  Slim Jim and Cheese stick
Right:  Grapes and Strawberries
On the side:  PB&J and gummies

Hope everyone is off to a great start to their school year!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bento #51

Here is Rosemary's Bento for lunch tomorrow.  It's simple, but what she wanted.

Top left corner:  Ham, Turkey, and Cheese roll up
Top right corner:  Carrots
Bottom left corner:  Watermelon and Cantaloupe (fresh from our garden!)
Bottom right corner:  Pudding and ranch dip for the carrots

And shout out to my best friend and her kiddo in Florida!  They made their very first bento EVER for their first day of school tomorrow!  Here it is!

Top tier:  Grapes and a Bunny egg
Bottom tier:  Cucumber slices and string cheese
On the side:  PB&J and gummies

I am so proud of them!


School's Back in Session!

School started again, and we are getting back into our school routine...which means BENTOS!  Be on the look out for some lunches posted soon!