Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bento #46

This bento is inspired by a friend of mine who had shrimp for a snack tonight.  It sounded so good, I made some for my lunch tomorrow!  Today's bento is also dedicated to my sister, whose birthday is in a week.  For her birthday, I bought her a new Thirty One lunch tote from my friend, Deidre who is a Thirty One Consultant.  (Want to see what Thirty One is?  Click here for more info!)  I filled my sister's lunch tote with all things BENTO!  I bought her a new bento, picks,  and some divider/muffin cups, and I gave her TONS of picks and divider cups that I had extra of, and a bento book.  I wanted to do this bento for her because she was curious what those things were used for (has she not even READ my blog?!).  So, here goes!

On the left:  Garlic Grilled Shrimp Wrap (wrapped in a cabbage leaf, topped with shredded carrots and purple cabbage); in the blue container is Orange Balsamic Vinagrette (for the wrap or the carrots); a Babybel Cheese (with the heart, since it's for my SISTER!!!!  Love ya, Heath!)

On the right:  Trader Joe's Trail Mix, Blackberries, Carrots

On the side (not pictured):  Greek Yogurt

Hope this helps you out, Heather!  (Or anyone else out there experimenting with bento making!)


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