Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bento #47

Here is lunch for tomorrow:

Top left container:  Tossed salad with bacon bits and blue cheese dressing
Top right container:  Fresh strawberries, cucumbers, and a new Buffalo Chicken Sour Cream dip I found (I'm going to use it for the veggies)

Bottom container:  Egg Salad and fresh carrots

I used 2 bentos for tomorrow's lunch.  Ran out of room, thanks to my salad.  

I took a picture of my bentos closed and one with my hand in the picture, so my sister could see how small some of my bentos are.  Here they are: 

The giraffe one is as big as my hand and only one layer.  Honestly, it's just a tad bit smaller than my hand, but it's one of my favorite ones!  I love the compactness of it and, surprisingly, it can hold a lot of food.  Doesn't look like it from the picture above with the strawberries and stuff, but I didn't pack the food in. 

Have a great Monday, everyone!  Enjoy!


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