Monday, August 20, 2012

Bentos #52 and #53

That's right!  It's two...Two...TWO for the price of one!  One for me and one for my daughter!  Here's mine:

It's a really simple bento for work tomorrow.

Bottom:  Turkey and cheese lettuce wrap
Top:  Celery sticks and Cheddar Cheese
On the side:  Fiber 1 bar and bleu cheese dip for dipping

After I packed this, and started putting it away, I found 1/2 a cucumber that was wanting to travel tomorrow!  (HA!) So, I sliced him up and put him in with the celery.

Now, for my daughter's bento:

This bento idea came from Momables.  I subscribed to it in the beginning of the year for about 6 months.  I felt like I was fixing the same bentos all the time, so I purchased a subscription for myself for Christmas last year.  Each week I'd print off my weekly menus and kept them in a binder.  Tonight, I had her pick out several things from the binder that she would eat.  Then, I fixed one of them to surprise her tomorrow.  Here's what she's having:

Bottom tier:  Watermelon, carrots
Top Tier:  Asian Chicken skewers, cheddar cheese
Outside bento:  Garden vegetable dip for carrots, bbq sauce for chicken, thermos of chocolate milk

And!  A bonus bento!  Remember my post from yesterday?  Showing you my best friend's very first bento?  Well, she sent me their bento for tomorrow!  Here it goes:

A Hamburger bento!  I have one of these!  See it here!

On to what's in her bento:

Left:  Cucumbers and carrots
Middle:  Slim Jim and Cheese stick
Right:  Grapes and Strawberries
On the side:  PB&J and gummies

Hope everyone is off to a great start to their school year!


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  1. Aren't those hamburger lunches cute? I have the round one and the square one.