Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bento #44

Thanks for the great response to my post yesterday!  I really do enjoy posting my lunches and am glad you all enjoy it, too.

Here's my lunch for tomorrow.

On the top:  Greek Yogurt with fruit on the bottom (I know it's not technically IN my bento, but I'm still having it with my lunch.) and Colby Jack cheese

Under that:  Lobster meat with cocktail sauce to dip it in

On the right:  Celery with blue cheese dressing

On the bottom:  More watermelon.  (You'll see that the next couple of days.  I bought 4 slices.  Unless my youngest gets to it!)

My goal is to get a little more creative with my bentos.  I have found a store in Nashville that sells bentos and supplies.  I'm planning on heading down there during Christmas break and checking it out.  (I'm really excited about doing so!)   It's called Happy Japan and they have a Facebook page.  If you all Google "bentos", you will see how elaborate and beautiful they really can be.  I'd like to get into making them more decorative, but I'd like to do LOTS of stuff that I'm not doing right now.  That's why we have goals, right?!  Gives us something to work towards!  HA!


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